About Ricava

Ricava Tequila is made with the highest quality standards, with the highest quality ingredients. We proudly show our roots with our genuine traditional flavor gained through traditional processes.  Ricava is non-diffused and has no additives.


The Ricava Process

"At Ricava, we are passionate about the art of making tequila, and we have been perfecting this art using the lessons of centuries of artisans before us."

The town of Tequila is where Ricava Tequila is produced.  Our distillery, NOM 1137, is one of the oldest in Jalisco and we produce only the finest brands.  Our distillery has its own water source, which aids in our growing process and insures consistency across our products. We believe this pure natural well water imparts its own sweetness to the agave. 

The bottles we use for our tequila are produced locally so the supply is manageable.  We have ample agave which maintains a sufficient supply to feed the production process, and the company’s growth. Due to these advantages, we are in a unique position to make sure that Ricava will always be there for you.


Our Weber Blue Agave – the official and unique agave for the distillation of tequila – is harvested from the highlands at an elevation between 3500 and 5200 feet. Ricava Tequila is manufactured in Tequila, Jalisco, and is 100% certified by the Mexican Government. We harvest our agave at five to seven years on average. When harvesting, we look for brix levels (sugar content) at or above 25%.


After cooking the Weber Blue Agave, stainless steel tubs are used to ferment the agave juice. The juice passes into stainless steel vats where fermentation takes place. During fermentation, yeast is added and works to convert the sugar into alcohol (ethanol) and other compounds that give the juice unique flavors and aromas. Fermentation lasts between 72 and 96 hours.


The distillation process consists of two parts. The first distillation involves the separation of the liquid mixture into component parts, through partial vaporization and the recovery of vapors by condensation. The product obtained from the first distillation or shattering is called “ordinary tequila”. This typically takes 2 hours and results in an alcohol content between 22% and 25%. The second distillation takes 3 to 4 hours. Distillation vaporizes the “ordinary tequila” and what remains is Blanco tequila which has an alcohol content of 40% (80 Proof). The tequila is then collected in a reception tank and pumped into a storage area.


We age our tequila in 2-year-old American oak barrels that are repaired and burned. Our toast level is typically medium light.
Our varietals are aged as follows:
Blanco – 15 days
Rosa – 1 month
Reposado – 6 months
Anejo – 1 ½ years

We Celebrate Our Agave

Tequila comes from a plant in the Agavaceae family, which is the agave tequilana Weber Blue variety. There are about 295 different agave species and only one can be used to produce tequila. Other agave species are used to make mezcal and pulque. This is the primary difference between tequila, mezcal and pulque.

Weber Blue agave is used to make Ricava Tequila.


El Volcán de Tequila is an inactive stratovolcano of about three thousand meters above sea level, located in the vicinity of Tequila, Jalisco. It is believed that its last eruption was 22 thousand years ago.

This volcano is witness to one of the economic activities that have positioned our state on the tourist map, through tequila, a beverage that has an excellent acceptance in both the national and international markets. At the same time, the hand of man has shaped such a beautiful agave landscape over time that it is currently considered a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO.


The Story of Ricardo Ávila

The founder is the visionary, the one who observes the market and finds opportunities. My passion for tequila is born out of more than 21 years of riding around on a bicycle through the fields of agave of Tequila, Jalisco. It was always a dream to be part of this industry, that its art, tradition, and ambassador of culture to the world, and today it is the quintessential Mexican drink. My responsibility as part of the tequila industry is to keep alive the passion for the art of making tequila and to be able to transmit to the world all this cultural greatness. And we work daily, with enormous dedication to offer everyone the highest quality tequila. We always seek to do things with excellence, without affecting the interests of other people; we are an ally of honesty, respect, and responsibility.

– Ricardo Avila Martinez, Founder